Smart Business Solutions

Keeping Businesses Connected
Smart Business solutions can help your customers stay connected with remote access and programmable alerts, allowing them to protect their business, employees and assets.

You can now provide your small business customers with value-added automation and energy management solutions that increase their efficiency and reduce costs. Services for businesses go beyond residential and can include advanced capabilities such as energy phase management, Video Integrated Point-of-Sale, HVAC, commercial equipment monitoring, and more.

Clear2there's business automation suite, powered by Viewbiquity, can be customized and marketed under your own brand.

Smart Business Solutions from Clear2there include:

  • Video Storage with Remote Live View
  • Thermostat Controls and Monitoring
  • Smart Energy Meters
  • Locks
  • Air Conditioning Monitoring and Controls
  • Motion Detection
  • Water Leaks and Freezing Notifications
  • Refrigeration Temperature Controls
  • Security and Alarm Monitoring
  • Many different sensors and devices for specific applications

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