Smart Care Solutions

Connecting Customers In Need of Special Care
Smart Care solutions can help your customers stay connected with remote access and programmable alerts, protecting their most precious assets, the ones they love. Leveraging advanced technology to allow elderly relatives to stay in their homes longer and monitoring solutions for sick or injured family members.

Smart Care solutions also include shower pull cords, bedside alarms, fall detection devices, panic or alert pendants and other vital sign monitoring devices to provide added comfort and security to your customers and their loved ones.

Smart Care Solutions from Clear2there include:

  • Alert Pendants
  • Bedside Alarms
  • Fall Detection Devices
  • Thermostat Controls and Monitoring
  • Smart Energy Meters
  • Locks
  • Motion Detection
  • Security and Alarm Monitoring
  • Shower Pull Cords
  • Video Storage with Remote Live View
  • Vital Sign Monitoring
  • Many different sensors and devices for specific applications